An energetic, engaged, often humorous, and always adding value, as a “Coaching Leader” keynote speaker.  Once a Coach,  Always a Coach.

What if business teams were more like winning sports teams?

This is the question, over the years of coaching sports teams, and working with businesses across the country, that Jay continues to share with leaders thinking of transforming their team.

Blending evaluated experience, statistics, tools, and stories, Jay’s thoughts and solutions are very interactive, real world practices, and may include a skill drill.

You won’t just walk away motivated and entertained—you’re ready to get better. It’s important you learn at least one new thing. He always connects by customizing the presentation, spending time to understand his audience, organization, and industry.

As a “Coaching Leader” keynote speaker, he speaks on the topics of — Awareness, Leadership, Coaching, Culture, Teamwork, the 5 Generation Workplace, and Team Players. 

Purpose. Potential. Process. Practice. Performance.

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As a coaching leader, motivational teacher, and keynote speaker, Jay will give a 100% effort. He will act as a catalyst, helping you achieve the goals you’ve set for your event. When you win, we win.

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Maybe the "Practice Makes Permanent" approach, is the right next step, coaching for your team or event audience

“Throughout my career and my life, there has been one essential truth: the biggest opportunity for improvement—in business, at home, and in life—is awareness.” — Alan Mulally, Former CEO of Ford

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.“ — Nathaniel Branden

“The player has got to know the 4 most powerful words in the entire English language, which are, “I believe in you.” — Coach Bill McCartney



What if Business Teams were more like Winning Sports Teams?

Ever wondered this same question?  Also, why do some teams go straight to the top, while others go nowhere?  In working with businesses and leaders across the country, I can just tell when I walk in and sit in a meeting, who knows how to be a champion.  There’s no simple answers.  As your leadership keynote speaker, I will teach you how sports teams can teach us a winning system.

45-60 min, Q&A


Leading Millennials — The Multigenerational Workplace

71% of Millennials likely to leave a company within the next two years believe their leadership skills are not being fully developed.  So who’s in the workplace?  What makes them different?  Are you adapting your leadership to the next generation of team members?

45-60 min, Q&A



How Leadership Works

I’ve always told my sons and players “go be a leader”.  I realize now looking back, I only told them a couple basic things.  Leadership & Coaching is a skill and a process with people in between.  If you go at it methodically daily like a sports team, great things will happen.  So how does Leadership work?

45-60 min, Q&A


How Coaching Works

Like most of us, we sometimes become a leader and coach when somebody taps us on the shoulder asking for help.  Some of us start modeling a coach we had, one we admire, or just the opposite of the one we never liked.  I also think there’s confusion in work and sports about coaching.  So how does coaching work?

45-60 min, Q&A



How Team Works

Every day, in some way or another, we’re part of a team.  We all know teamwork is a good thing.  But what makes a winning team?  My desire is to make building a winning team as simple to grasp, retain, and put into practice as leadership.  It’s a process of learning to be a great team builder and team member.  It takes teamwork to make the dreamwork.

45-60 min, Q&A


Thank you for considering working with Coach Jay.

If you’re serious about becoming everyone’s favorite leader and coaching a high performing team everyone wants to join, you need a different Game Plan.  Our Process draws on the evaluated experience of 25 years leading business teams and coaching winning sports teams.

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