Talent is Overrated

talent is overrated

Talent is overrated and frequently misunderstood. When people achieve great things, others often explain their accomplishments by simply attributing everything to talent. But that’s a false and misleading way of looking at success. “If talent alone is enough, then why do we know highly talented people who are not highly successful?”— Dr John C Maxwell, […]

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Your Why Helps Your Way

your why

Say What? Say that again. Purpose empowers significance. If you tap into your why, your life will open up to significance, and will help find your way. It will be within your reach every day, because you’ll be able to do simple things that matter. Significance is usually not a result of anything spectacular. It’s just based […]

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Building Thriving Start Ups: Talent Profile

team talent profile

Like many young businesses, the founders tend to forget, to think about their new venture’s talent profile. Just as a sports coach builds her team, she knows what positions the team needs and looks for talents and strengths accordingly. She is building a well-balanced team roster. “There’s no such thing as a well-balanced leader… only […]

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Building Thriving Start Ups: Well-Balanced Team

well-balanced team

When I first read about the Gallup book, Born To Build, as a sports coach, my thoughts jumped immediately to building a well-balanced team of players. Wait. Hold on a minute. I need other coaches to help. Don’t forget, I need a well-balanced leadership team first. The reality, a lone entrepreneur or sports coach, needs others […]

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Building Thriving Start Ups: Talents & Behavior

talent & behavior

Awareness of your unique talents and behavior impacts building thriving start-ups. Your builder talents influence business outcomes like revenue, growth, job creation, and innovation. Since the 1930s, economists Irving Fisher and John Maynard Keynes have studied the link between individual characteristics and economic behavior. Research has clearly established positive links between certain talents and several […]

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