September 24, 2018

Your Why Helps Your Way

your why

Say What? Say that again. Purpose empowers significance. If you tap into your why, your life will open up to significance, and will help find your way.

It will be within your reach every day, because you’ll be able to do simple things that matter. Significance is usually not a result of anything spectacular. It’s just based on small steps in line with purpose.

Your Why

Your why and way is the life blood of living intentionally. Knowing your why helps you to know what to do and to follow through.

Here’s 5 ideas to help:

From Dr John C Maxwell’s book, Intentional Living:

1Knowing your why allows you to focus more on others and less on yourself

Purpose comes from within. It works from the inside out. What happens when you don’t know your why? You have to spend a lot of time looking within yourself to find it, and trying new things to see what fits you and what doesn’t. There’s nothing wrong with that.

How else will you know what’s important to you?

But it takes time. It requires effort. You need to ask yourself lots of questions. And all the while, your focus will be on yourself.

The sooner you know your why, the sooner you can shift your focus from yourself to others.

We all have to find ourselves before we can lose ourselves.

If you are preoccupied with trying to understand your personality, identify your talents, and learn the basics in your skill set, it’s hard to think about others. Know yourself and settle your why, and you’ll have the capacity to focus on others.

2Living out your why gives you a confidence that is attractive to others

Knowing your why gives you great security and comfort in everything you attempt and do. That confidence and self-assuredness is usually appealing and reassuring to others, because most people long for it.

Have you ever noticed people who walked into a room and you could feel their presence?

They just seemed to know what they were doing and where they’re going. They brought energy into the room. It’s almost like their presence entered the room before they did. That’s not ego or arrogance. It’s purpose.

People with purpose walk with an air of distinction, as if they have a why in every step.

Purpose is the rudder on your ship. It provides calm and confidence in the midst of a storm. People who know their why can keep their heads while everything around them is in turmoil. And that draws others to them.

Come back next week for ideas 3 to 5, as we continue to explore… How Your Why Helps Your Way.

Let’s Get Better!

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