September 17, 2018

Find Your Why and Way

your why and way

Find your why and way, so you can make a difference and live a life of importance. To do so, you must tap into your why and start thinking about your purpose. Last I checked, I’m pretty sure everyone has one. How about you and your team?

Your why and way is the life blood of living intentionally.

When you know your why and focus on going there with determination, you can make sense of everything on your leadership journey. You see it through the lens of why.

This makes the way, so much more meaningful and complete. Then you better understand the reason, you’re on the journey in the first place.

“Once you find your why, you will be able to find your way.” — Dr John C Maxwell, Intentional Living

How does your Why and Way differ?

Why is your purpose. Way is your path. When you find your why, your path automatically has purpose. This is so for you individually and your team journey.

Which has to come first?

The good news, either can be first. But if the why comes before the way, your ability to make a difference will come more quickly and immediately be more effective.

Have you ever wondered why you often find great joy in packing for a trip? You build up anticipation of visiting your favorite place or going somewhere new.

When you’re  getting ready for a trip, almost all of our effort is focused on the purpose. That’s why it’s more fun to pack for a trip than to unpack. This concept also applies more broadly to our lives.

Whatever path we travel, we’re going to do things more significantly when we understand our purpose for being there.

Purpose Driven Life

When you start your day with your why, you’ll find yourself continually doing things that inspire you. That’s certainly true for me and the teams I’ve been with.

I’m convinced most people want to live a life of purpose. Purpose empowers significance.

“Humans were made to have meaning. Without purpose, life is meaningless. A meaningless life is a life without hope or significance. This is a profound statement and one that everyone should spend time pondering. God gives purpose. Purpose gives meaning. Meaning gives hope and significance. There is awesome truth contained within that logic.” —Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life

Ready?  Let’s Find Your Why and Way

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