September 4, 2018

Building Thriving Start Ups: Talent Profile

team talent profile

Like many young businesses, the founders tend to forget, to think about their new venture’s talent profile.

Just as a sports coach builds her team, she knows what positions the team needs and looks for talents and strengths accordingly. She is building a well-balanced team roster.

“There’s no such thing as a well-balanced leader… only a well-balanced team” —Dr John C Maxwell

Usually the founders lack clear roles and titles, with each member of the team doing whatever needs to be done on a day-to-day basis.

Does this sound familiar?  Have you seen this?

They might also have a board of directors, made up of the investor, founders, and external parties. This group usually has power over decisions related to their new venture.

The board is pushing the leadership team to have a clear organization chart with well-defined job functions. And the founders are looking to hire their first employees to handle the increased volume of inquires and sales.

It’s time to clarify leadership roles.

Team Talent Map

A team talent map composed of the Gallup Builder Profile 10 assessment well help the venture understand the talent distribution on the team, determine the best role for each person, and identify blind spots, and gaps in their team talent profile.

A talent map is a rather simple tool to help build a thriving venture. It helps you identify leadership team roles by looking at the top 4 builder talents of each member. The role of… The Rainmaker. The Conductor. The Expert.

A look at the team talent map will also provide a clear picture of some of the interpersonal dynamics among the founders. And clearly identify the chain of command to provide the decision-making and responsibility structure, avoiding complications down the road.

Building your team using a talent-based perspective will help you realize the best fit for each team member. Also, more than just role clarity, it will give your team a common language to understand the behaviors of others on the team.

Team Performance

The best performing teams combine the personality of their members with the right mix of skills and work experiences. The higher the harmony between skills, experiences, and personalities, the stronger the team’s performance.

What’s the point of having the smartest team members if they can’t get along?

Similarly, you may have compatibility among team members. But if they lack diversity in skills and backgrounds, it will negatively affect the team’s performance.

“Psychology-based training that develops entrepreneurial behaviors among small-business owners, increased firm profits by 30%, compared with just 11% for a group that had traditional business training.” —Francisco Campos, The World Bank

The team talent map successfully marries the functional requirements with insight into the talents needed to fulfill the demand of the role.

Whether you have a team in place, or you’re looking for new members, use the team talent map to layout the talent of your team.

Building a team, company, or new venture is a journey. What are you building?

Let’s Get Better

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