August 13, 2018

Building Thriving Start Ups: Self-Awareness


Building thriving start-ups isn’t easy. You will face immense challenges and confront uncertain situations. Facing challenges successfully requires a high level of self-awareness of your unique talents and strengths.

Building takes vision and action. Every builder will carve their own journey.

Sense of Direction

No matter where you are in the process of building a venture, I strongly suggest you start with the first step, Creating Self-Awareness. This is the primary building block of being a successful builder.

Being aware of who you are and what your beliefs, unique talents, and values are, will lead to clarity and enable you to take action.

Who you are, will permeate the decisions you make, the habits you establish, the teams you create, and the ventures you build.

“You have to know who you are to grow to your potential. But you have to grow, in order to know who you are.” — Dr John C Maxwell, The 15 Laws of Growth, The Law of Awareness

To grow, you must know yourself:  your strengths and weaknesses, your interests, and opportunities.

3 Self-Awareness Questions

Ask yourself…

  • Given who I am, what kind of builder can I be?
  • What kind of opportunities can I explore that best suit me?
  • What can I build that resonates deeply with who I am?

Talent & Successful Builders

In Gallup’s latest book, Born To Build, they define talent as the natural capacity for excellence in a role. Talents are recurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that are enduring and stable over time and across situations. Talent is a broader concept than personality traits. It’s a composite of basic personality traits and cognitive (perception) abilities.

Personality traits can be talents, but not all talents are personality traits. The talents they measure include personality traits, but also thinking styles, for example, which overlap with general mental ability/intelligence.

Through Gallup’s Builder Profile Assessment, they can determine if an individual possesses a critical mass of talent relative to the typical characteristics of the most successful builders, then predict if that individual is more likely to naturally and consistently behave in ways that lead to excellence in the role.

For example, some people are naturally more creative, some are good at managing risk, and some have high levels of self-confidence. These talents affect their behaviors, which in turn, affect outcomes such as business survival or growth.

Next week we’ll wrap up the first key to building a new venture — Creating Self-Awareness, and look into the talent-behavior-outcome pathways to success.

Make sure to take your Builder Profile 10 Assessment to better understand your builder talents and roles.

Let’s Get Better!

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