August 6, 2018

Building Thriving Start Ups – Keys to Success


Welcome back. Have you given thought to what you’re building? Do you know how you fit in a new start up or organization?

As you’re building, what kind of role player are you? What role is best for you? What type of builder does the team need?

As we learned in the last blog, the three players, Rainmaker, Conductor, and Expert, are needed in building a successful team or organization.

Let’s look now into the builder mindset and keys to building a thriving startup or winning team.

Building a Mindset

Humans are born to build. We seek fulfillment, engagement, and meaning in our life. The seed of a builder is in all of us. People show this by our hobbies and passions we pursue.

Successful builders intentionally develop behaviors that help them anticipate issues, beat adversity, recognize opportunities, gather resources, and take action to build something.

Developing and being aware of these behaviors is invaluable.

A recent study by Francisco Campos and a team of researchers from the World Bank, found that a psychology-based training program that develops entrepreneurial behaviors among small-business owners increased firm profits by 30%, compared with just 11% for a group that had traditional business training.

A psychologically driven approach is valuable to cultivating the mindset of a builder.

Keys to Building

You can cultivate the mindset of a successful builder.

Gallup studied the actions and decision-making processes of successful builders to decode the builder’s method. They studied over 4,000 entrepreneurs and more than 30,000 non-entrepreneurs. They conducted focus groups, asked questions, and listened as highly successful builders explained what they do and how they do it.

In the new book from Gallup, Born to Build, Jim Clifton, put together a toolkit that makes the process of building accessible to everyone. They help you think like a builder, so you can build your future with the four keys to building:

  1. Creating Self-Awareness: The first step is “know thyself.” What are your builder talents? “Do I have what it takes to build?”
  2. Recognizing Opportunities: They are all around us. Some are visible such as a process that needs improvement. Others are waiting for you to discoverfor example, new developments in technology, or shifts in demographics. “What should I build?”
  3. Activating on Ideas: Ideas mean nothing without action. This is the process of building your idea into a product, service, or solution. “Where do I begin?”
  4. Building a Team: This is the importance of talent distribution on teams rather than having one “ideal” builder. It’s important to use a talent-based perspective to create a well-rounded team, including a Rainmaker, Conductor, and Expert.

The builder way of thinking is an essential life skill. You can become a builder if you choose to.

I encourage you to take the Gallup Builder Profile 10 Assessment which identifies your innate talents, motivations, and shows you how to make the most of your talents to build a successful enterprise.

Ready? Let’s Get Better!

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