July 30, 2018

Build Thriving Start Ups – Which builder are you?

builder startup meeting

Have you thought about what kind of builder you might be? What unique builder talents do you have? Do you fit in the new startup?

Last week, we talked about meeting people and asking, “What are you building?” This question will set you apart and create much deeper discussion. After all, that’s what most of us are actually doing… building something. A business, nonprofit, or sports team.

Are you born to build?

Maybe you can build a small or medium size business. Or even a large one. They all count and add up to the sum of the American economy.

Every organization, whether a business or nonprofit, require a business model and gifted builders or they don’t make it—they will never create new economic energy in the absence of a born builder.

Building is a difficult task, but real builders want the impossible assignment.

Builders are made differently than the rest of us. They are born and put on earth to build.

Are you a key player in building?

Creating a successful business or nonprofit won’t happen with just one gifted builder. It takes a team around the effective builders.

Gallup has a new builder initiative and book, Born to Build. They’ve found  there are three key players in the building of any organization, whether it’s a new enterprise, new division, or a nonprofit. They call them the three alphas: the Rainmaker, the Conductor, and the Expert.

When this combination is present on a new team, the likelihood of it breaking out and taking off grows exponentially.

Which builder are you?

A Rainmaker has unusual drive and persistence… a rare grit. Obstacles and failure actually increases a Rainmaker’s determination. An enterpriser visually never works without this player.

A Conductor has management ability. This person knows how to get all players on the team to work together seamlessly. This player holds the organization together.

An Expert provides differentiating expertise to the core product or service. Whether a smart analyst, a star chef, or a software firm’s best programmer, virtually every successful startup as an expert who highly distinguishes it from the crowd.

The Builder Profile 10 assessment from Gallup will help you decide how building unfolds in your career and life. The trick is knowing how you fit into building a new business and which role is best for you. It will tell you from which role your God given strengths will develop most.

Which builder are you? Is your team or organization balanced with these three builders?

See you next week as we continue to look into the builders mindset.

Let’s Get Better!

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