July 16, 2018

Develop a Winning Team – Inspiring


So here we are with the last key in Developing a Team — Inspiring the team.

In our “Develop a Winning Team” introduction, we talked about the question leaders ask about winning teams.

How do I help the team reach success? How do I develop a team that others want to join?

Then we started looking into the first two key areas of developing a team…hiring and firing. Remember when the three key areas are combined, hiring, firing, and inspiring… you will determine the success of your team.

Inspiring Your Team

“The essence of leadership is the ability to inspire others to work together as a team—to stretch for a common objective.” — Harold S. Geneen, President & CEO, IT&T

The leader paves the way for the followers by showing a positive, hopeful attitude.

A leader inspires and motivates toward the end result by consistently reminding the team of the overall vision and the importance of accomplishing the goal.

When the leader communicates clear expectations, she also gives her people a freedom to create.

Most importantly, a leader expresses the most profound inspiration when she believes in her people, when they feel and know she thinks they’re the best and her total confidence is in them.

Four Questions

Ask yourself these questions when you’re thinking about inspiring your team:

  1. What do I want them to see? Am I an inspired leader? Am I setting an example?Leading is highly visual. Your team is watching you.
  2. What do I want them to feel? Do I value them? Are they feeling valued? Do I believe in them?
  3. What do I want them to know? Am I lifting them up? Do they know leadership is key to their success? Everything rises and falls on leadership.
  4. What do I want them to do? Am I helping them to make a difference? Help them find their purpose so they can make a difference.

So, when combining these 3 key areas for Developing Your Winning Team… hiring, firing, and inspiring, along with intentionality… you’re on your way to a successful team.

Let’s Get Better!

How are you going to put the three principles… hiring, firing, and inspiring to work?

Pick 3 ways to apply these principles to your relationships with people on your team or organization:

For more thoughts, please check out the 5 Attributes of an Inspirational Leader blog, and dive into the book from Dr John C Maxwell, Be a People Person, Effective Leadership Through Effective Relationships

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