April 2, 2018

Becoming an Influencer is a Skill

becoming an influencer is a skill

The best investment in the future is influence today.

Most likely you will influence someone today. So what kind of influencer are you today? And are you growing in your leadership skills?

In the book Leaders, Bennis and Nanus say,

“The truth is that leadership opportunities are plentiful and within reach of most people.” You must believe that as I do.

Influence is a skill that you can develop, thus improving your leadership skills. You may have heard Dr John Maxwell say,

“Leadership is influence… nothing more, nothing less.”

The CEO of Hill and Knowlton, a worldwide public relations firm, Robert Dilenschneider wrote a book entitled Power and Influence, which he shares the idea of the “power triangle” to help leaders get ahead.

Robert said,

“The three components of this triangle are communication, recognition, and influence. You start to communicate effectively. This leads to recognition which in turns leads to influence.”

We can increase our influence and our leadership potential.

Once you understand your level of The 5 Levels of Leadership you can start to increase your influence in 5 stages.

Five Levels is a model of influence that can help you better understand the dynamics of leadership, and it also creates a road map you can follow to develop influence with others.

This has become second nature to good influencers.

As soon as they meet someone, they begin working on the relationship. As soon as they have developed a connection, they try to add Production and achieve something together. They then start looking for ways to add value to people and invest in them.

You can develop your influence in the same way. All it takes is will and intentionality.

Most good influencers want to not only achieve success, but also experience significance. You want your leadership to make a difference.

The level you achieve is more dependent on your influence than on any other single factor. That’s why it is so important.

You just don’t know how many lives you’ll touch. All you can do is develop your influence so that when opportunities come, you can make the best of them.

Never doubt the power you have as one person, as an influencer everyday.


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