January 8, 2018

3 Things to Look for in Young Leaders

3 Things to Look for in Young Leaders

What does the worlds #1 Leadership expert share about young leaders? I recently listened to a podcast from Dr Tim Elmore at Growing Leaders. He was having a discussion with his friend John Maxwell about young leaders.

For those of us involved in teaching and coaching young people his thoughts are affirming and eye opening.

If you are short on time, I trust you’ll find this podcast summary helpful and the podcast info is at the end of the blog post.

Here we go with John’s thoughts.

I look specifically for three things in young leaders.

I look for them to have a desire to make a difference. If you can find some kid who’s got a great passion, they’ll really make a difference in the world.

I look for that and then I look for teachability. If they are going to come along and want to be on the team, they have to have a real heart to learn and a desire to grow.

And thirdly, I look for giftedness because leadership is influence—but leadership is influence in the area of your giftedness. You don’t influence people in areas that you are not gifted in.

We are all flawed, but there are three specific flaws of young leaders that I OVERLOOK.

One is their idealism. They’re just idealistic. They just think it is going to be bigger and better than it really is. But I overlook that because I would rather have somebody that wants to win their world, than somebody that doesn’t even think they can win themselves.

I overlook mistakes. We all make them. In fact, I’ve always said when you’re young you should start somewhere that’s small, so the mistakes will never be told on you.

I also overlook the fact that young leaders don’t see the big picture. I believe they can’t see the big picture. It’s impossible because they lack the experience and the exposure to be able to see the big picture. So, those are the three flaws I overlook.

There are three flaws that I DON’T overlook in youth, though.

The first is an entitlement mindset. When I meet a young person who feels entitled, I want to tell them that there is nothing given to you in life. You have to make your own way and prove yourself.

The second flaw I don’t overlook relates to breaking trust. The young person must demonstrate a sense of integrity, having the ethics or the level of trust to where you could depend on that person.

The third area is if I feel they don’t value people. This is a true statement: leadership gets old real quick if you don’t value people. It is too hard unless you love people.

It’s what keeps you in the game.

Podcast #44: Three Things John Maxwell Looks for in Young Leaders; Leading the Next Generation with Tim Elmore, Growing Leaders.

“Leadership is Influence. Nothing more, nothing less.” — Dr John C Maxwell

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