October 16, 2017

Value-Driven Leadership

Value-Driven Leadership

What qualities or values should every leader possess?

This is a question I posed recently to a group of young professionals in a mastermind group.

As they are starting their study of leadership, one of the exercises we spent time with, is the Leadership Values Cards, from our friend, John Maxwell.

I believe each of these young leaders must know their Top 5 Values and then their Top 5 Strengths from Strengthsfinder 2.0.

After they each determined their Top 5 Values, we then reviewed the list below and had a discussion around values and ethics.

Predetermined values and ethics, not expediency, must drive our leadership.

The Leader…

  • Possesses integrity
  • Does what is right
  • Is honest and trustworthy
  • Does not gossip
  • Will not listen to gossip
  • Does no harm to others
  • Speaks out against wrong
  • Honors others who was in trust
  • Keep their word even when it costs them
  • Isn’t greedy to gain at the expense of others
  • Takes no bribes against anyone
  • Is strong and stable

This is a list of many of the necessary traits.

Give the Values Card exercise a try with your team. It’s fun and valuable.

“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

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