August 14, 2017

How Do I Find Great Leaders?

How Do I Find Great Leaders?

Am I Investing my time with the right people?

A question of return on investment (ROI).

The greatest legacy any leader can leave is the other leaders he raises up before he’s finished. The means finding the right people and investing in them continually.

People often ask how to find great leaders.

The answer is simple: know what a great leader looks like.

If you have a clear picture of a good leader and you can describe it in words, you know what you’re looking for.

If you don’t already have a list of your own, take a look at this one and see which factors you also desire in leaders you work with:

  1. The Influence Factor — Do they influence others?
  2. The Capacity Factor — Do they have the potential to grow and develop?
  3. The Attitude Factor — Do they desire to grow and develop themselves?
  4. The Chemistry Factor — Do we like each other?
  5. The Passion Factor — Are they self-motivated?
  6. The Character Factor — Are they grounded?
  7. The Values Factor — Are our values compatible?
  8. The Teamwork Factor — Do they work well with others?
  9. The Support Factor — Do they add value to me?
  10. The Creative Factor — Can they find possibilities in impossibilities?
  11. The Option Factor — Can their contribution give me options?
  12. The 10 Percent Factor — Are they in the top 10 percent of those on our team?

I’ve discovered not everyone desires to grow and relatively few people truly want to make a difference. That’s a problem, because you can’t make a difference with people who don’t want to make a difference.

You can make an equal investment of time, effort, and resources in two different people and you will get a completely different return on each. When I realized different people give different ROIs, I began to change the way I approached leadership development.

I started to think about who had given a good return for my time and who hadn’t. That’s when I began to follow a list of what a good leader looks like. When the picture became clear to me, my investment became strategic—and my results improved greatly.

Remember, your leadership capacity and your legacy depend on the leaders you develop.

What factors are most important to you for selecting and investing in leaders?

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