April 24, 2017

5 Ways to Make Leadership Decisions

5 Ways to Make Leadership Decisions

Leading yourself, is perhaps the least discussed yet most important aspect of leadership. One of the most important principles of decision making and how to lead yourself, is not to make decisions at an emotional low point.

When you’re in an emotional low, your perspective isn’t good. Everything looks difficult. Having said that, I acknowledge that there are times when you must make leadership decisions during emotionally tough times.

To help you in such circumstances, give these a try:

1) Do Your Homework

The first defense against having unfiltered emotions negatively affect your decision making is to seek the facts. Define the issue. Put it in writing if needed. Then gather information, considering the credibility of your success. The more solid information you have, the better you can fight irrational emotions.

2) List Your Options and Where They Could Lead

Another part of the fact finding process is to think about outcomes. Brainstorm every option you can think of and what the the possible results could be. This will help you rule out ideas that feel good emotionally, but aren’t strong rationally.

3) Seek Advice from the Right People

There are two kinds of people you need to consult. The first group includes the people necessary to make a decision happen. If they aren’t on board, you’ll be in trouble if you make the decision. The second consist of people with success in the area of consideration who have your interests at heart. They can give you good advice.

4) Listen to Your Instincts

You don’t want your emotions to run away with you when you’re making decisions, but you also don’t want to ignore your instincts. Often your instincts warn you in a way that goes beyond the facts.

5) Make Decisions Based on Principles and Values You Believe In

When all is said and done, you must be able to live with the decisions you make. Be sure they align with your values, and you can live them out.

What happens when leaders fail to do the right things internally, day-in and day-out? They get into trouble. The news is littered with the names of people with great talent huge opportunities who did wrong things and cultivated bad habits when others weren’t looking.

If you and I want to be successful in life, successful in leadership, and successful in finishing well, we must learn to lead ourselves successfully.

Make sense?

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