April 18, 2017



Author Sydney J. Harris observed, “If you’re not comfortable with yourself, you can’t be comfortable with others.” I would take that one step further. If you do not believe in yourself, you will sabotage relationships.

For years John Maxwell has taught a concept called the Law of the Lid, which is found in The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. It states, “Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.”

Here’s what he means: no matter how hard you work, you can only go so far professionally if you are a poor leader. A company, department, or team will always be held back by a weak leader.

When it comes to relationships, self-image works in a similar way. It’s the relational lid.

Your image of yourself restricts your ability to build healthy relationships. A negative self-image will even keep a person from being successful.

And even when a person with a poor self-image does somehow achieve success, it won’t last because he will eventually bring himself down to the level of his own expectations.

Psychologist and New York Times best-selling author Phil McGraw states…

“I always say that the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. You got to be your own best friend first.” —Phil McGraw

How can you be best friends with someone you don’t know or don’t like? You can’t. That’s why it’s so important to find out who you are and work to become someone you like and respect.

  • So… How are you doing?
  • Are you growing and sowing seeds?
  • How is your relationship with your team?

“Invest in building a healthy self-image by learning to like and respect who you are.”

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