March 27, 2017

Most Effective Daily Habit For Any Leader

Most Effective Daily Habit For Any Leader

What is one effective daily habit to develop for leading yourself and others? If you could cultivate only one habit to practice every day of your life, I believe it should be — giving more than you receive.

I say that because having a giving mind-set has so many benefits:

Giving Acknowledges that Others have Helped Us

No one succeeds in life on his or her own. Every one of us has been helped along the way by other people. When we give to others, we acknowledge that by paying it forward.

Giving Requires us to Get Beyond Ourselves

When your mind-set is to give more than you take, it forces you to think of others more than of yourself. You have to pay attention to others and what they want. You have to figure out how you give it to them. These things shift your focus from yourself to others. That very fact makes you less selfish.

Giving is by Nature Intentional

People rarely give by accident. They must make an effort to give. It is an act of will. That intentionality grows us and makes us more proactive—important qualities for leaders.

Giving Changes the World – One Person at a Time

What would the world be like if everyone tried to give more than he or she took? People would change. It’s difficult for a healthy person to keep receiving from others without giving something back.

Out of the abundance comes generosity. Give generously to others without the hope of return, and the person receiving is changed and wants to pass it on. Once you have the mind-set of giving, the more you receive, the more you want to give. It becomes a positive cycle. As it spreads, not only do individuals change, but so do communities.

Three Questions to Ask Before You Can Effectively Give More:

1) What have you been given? Even people from the least advantaged backgrounds have positive experiences to draw upon.

2) What do you have? Discover what talents, skills, and passions reside in you that you can pass along to others.

3) What can you do? What opportunities do you currently see to add value to others?

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