March 6, 2017

3 E’s of Leader Development

3 E's of Leader Development

Everyone has the potential to lead on some level, and anyone can become better at leading. While it’s true that some people are born with traits, that help them  to become better leaders than others, those natural abilities are only the beginning.

Great leaders don’t start out great.

Leadership is developed, not discovered. It’s a process… A journey.

The 3 Es of Leader Development


Incarnation of Leadership

A person’s environment has a tremendous impact. Leadership is more caught than taught.

If you grew up in a leadership environment, you probably recognized your own leadership ability early. If you’re in a positive leadership environment now, you are probably having leadership qualities encouraged in you, and they may be starting to come out. The right environment always makes learning easier.

What Does a Growth Environment Look Like?

  1. Others are ahead of me.
  2. I am continually challenged.
  3. My focus is forward.
  4. The atmosphere is affirming.
  5. I am often out of my Comfort Zone.
  6. I wake up excited.
  7. Failure is not my enemy.
  8. Others are growing.
  9. People desire change.
  10. Growth is modeled and expected.

If you’re not in a leadership environment now, and have never spent time in one, you may be having difficulty knowing what it means to lead. If so, you will need to find a positive leadership environment to help you in your development.

Is it possible to learn leadership without a conducive environment? Yes, but it’s difficult, and your development will be slow.


Inspiration for Leadership

What I find most inspiring is exposure to great leaders. Love to hear them speak. Love to read their books. I get inspired watching them lead. Basically look for ways to soak them up.

Where Will You Go for Leadership Inspiration?

Whom do you admire as leaders? Plan to go hear someone you admire speak. Take a trip to a presidential library or a museum. Make an appointment to interview an impactful leader. Get inspired!


Intention for Leadership

To have the greatest impact on your leadership potential is to be intentional every day about becoming equipped to lead. Every book you read, every lesson you attend and absorb, every principle you apply helps you to become a better leader and takes you another step forward in your leadership potential.

Leadership is influence, and it can be learned.

You can learn to…

  • connect with people
  • communicate
  • plan and strategize
  • prioritize
  • get people to work together
  • train and equip people
  • inspire and motivate others

Most leadership skills can be taught to people; people can be equipped to lead.

What is Your Plan for Leadership Growth?

If you do not have a plan, the odds are against your growing as a leader. Set some goals and develop a personal strategy to grow in the coming year. Then break down the plan into daily and weekly disciplines.

Action Exercise

Grade your organization, from A-F on the 3 E’s of people development. For each E, list one thing you’re already doing well, and one way you can improve.

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