February 27, 2017

Core “Self-Leadership” Values

Core "Self-Leadership" Values

To lead yourself, everyone has to decide what values they will embrace, what they will live for, what they would die for. Those values come from their core beliefs and their faith. I won’t address those here. I believe you must wrestle them down personally.

There are so many values to consider, some will say, and it’s hard to decide.

So… let’s just talk about some core leadership values, those I believe are the most important—the top of the list.

Servanthood:  Leading Well Means Serving Others

If you want to lead others but you’re unwilling to serve people, I think you need to check your motives. If you’re willing to embrace servanthood:

  1. You will become a better leader
  2. You’ll help your team
  3. Help the people your team serves
  4. Make the world a better place

Purpose:  Let Your Why Direct Your What

Success comes from knowing:

  1. Your purpose in life
  2. Growing to your maximum potential
  3. Sowing seeds to benefit others

If you miss any one of these three, I don’t think you can be genuinely successful.

I also know that you cannot achieve number two and number three fully, without first discovering your purpose in life. You can’t grow to your potential if you don’t know your purpose.

Integrity:  Live The Life Before You Lead Others

Great teams are made up of people with diverse skills. When it comes to values, habits, disciplines, and attitudes, there needs to be unity.

That starts with the example set by the leaders. If the leaders are undisciplined, the people will follow suit. When you become a leader, you must focus more on your responsibilities than on your rights.

You must raise your standards. You must do more than you expect of others. If you live the life first and lead well, others will respect you. And the chances are good they will be willing to follow you.

Relationships:  Walk Slowly Through the Crowd

Leadership impact is drawn not from position or title, but from authentic relationships. Treat people with kindness, respect and go where they are to connect with them. A lot of leaders assume that people will come to them, if they need or want something.

But effective leaders initiate. They communicate vision. They seek out opportunities. They start initiatives that will benefit the organization.

They know that they will never possess what they are unwilling to pursue. They want good relationships with the people who work with them, so they seek those people out.

They ask them questions. They learn who they are. They offer assistance. They find ways for them to succeed. If you want to become a better leader, become highly relational.

Renewal:  Replenish Yourself Daily

Life is demanding. People are demanding. The more you lead and the more you succeed, more others will expect from you.

If you don’t make an effort to replenish your energy, feed your soul, and renew your mind, you will run out of gas. Replenishing yourself requires your attention. You have to be intentional about it.

Certainly there are other important values for leaders, but these are the ones I put at the top of the list.

Take some time and examine your own core beliefs and decide which core values are most important to you.

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