February 20, 2017

4 P’s of Self-Leadership

4 P's of Self-Leadership

Leadership isn’t easy. Right? Every day, leaders must wake up and lead themselves before they lead anyone else. Because other people are depending on them, they must keep the fire burning within themselves. They must know where they’re going, know why they’re going, and help others get there.

To stay energized and on course, leaders can sustain themselves by tapping into the four P’s:

1) Passion

Passion gives you two vital leadership characteristics: energy and credibility. When you love what you do and do what you love, others find it inspiring. How many people do you know who became successful at something they dislike?

2) Principles

Successful leaders stay true to their principles—to their beliefs, gifts, and personality. They don’t try to lead in a style that does not suit who they are. They can honestly say, “My leadership style is comfortable and reflects who I truly am.” The better you know yourself and the more true you are to yourself, the greater your potential for sustainable success.

3) Practices

Nearly anyone can achieve flash-in-the pan success. We’ll get lucky from time to time. But if we want to sustain success—as an individual or leader—we need to implement right and regular practices that help us to do the right thing day after day. Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally.

4) People

The people around you will either wind you up or wear you down. Ideally everyone would lead a great team, have fantastic friends, maintain a strong inner circle, and possess a loving family. Many leaders don’t have all these. If that’s the case for you, don’t be discouraged. Even if you have only one person in your corner cheering you on, you can still lead successfully.

I believe that no leader ever needs to burnout. Just remember to tap into your passion, stay true to your principles, implement the right practices, and surround yourself with the right people.

Which “P” is your best? Which one needs attention?

Are you energized? On course?

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