February 6, 2017

Meeting People

Meeting People

Meeting people for the first time is difficult for some people. May be awkward, terrifying, and downright embarrassing. When most people meet, they search for ways to make themselves look good.

The key to reversing this, is the 30-Second Rule.

When you make contact with people, instead of focusing on yourself, search for ways to make them look good.

Every day before I meet with people, I pause to think about something encouraging I can tell them.

What I say can be one of many things: I might thank them for something they’ve done for me or a friend. I might tell others about one of their accomplishments. I might praise them for a personal quality they exhibit. Or I might simply compliment their appearance.

Give this approach a try. Something I enjoy are people’s name. What is the story of their name? Is it a family name? What is the nationality of their surname?

An easy fun approach that most people like to talk about. Just be sure you know your story and where your name originated before starting the conversation.

The practice isn’t complicated, but it does take some time, effort, and discipline. The reward for practicing it is huge, because it really makes a positive impact on people.

All people feel better and do better when you give them attention, affirmation, and appreciation. The next time you make contact with people, begin by giving them your undivided attention during the first 30 seconds.

“Take 30 seconds with each person you meet today to add value to them.” —Dr John C Maxwell

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