January 16, 2017

Character and Emotion

Character and Emotion

Character and emotion, we see in people everyday. Something I studied when watching other team leaders. We’ve all seen the emotional coach, yelling, throwing things, moody, negative attitude, and sometimes embarrassing the team. Letting attitude control his actions.

On the other hand, I didn’t see Coach Wooden, UCLA Basketball Coach, behaving that way. Did you? He’s a character-driven person I decided to model and follow years ago.

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” — Coach John Wooden

As a young man starting my hockey coaching journey, the discipline to follow Coach Wooden’s leadership style was a challenge. Emotions during a game and season resemble a roller coaster.

As we interact with people, we evaluate, and make decisions about who will surround us. We decide who’s the assistant coach, who joins our team, who’s our mentor, who we follow, and even who represents our community.

Many questions come to mind when evaluating people.

How do we gauge their character and leadership abilities?

Are they leaders or followers? Are they good intentional followers? Have they started their leadership journey?

What is their character? Are they emotional?

Our friend, John Maxwell, shares some insights. I trust you’ll find his wisdom helpful in guiding your decisions and evaluation of those surrounding you.

Life would certainly be easier – and success more simple – if all it took to achieve was to KNOW the right things and DECIDE to do them, right?

But I think it’s more accurate to say that a decision is just one bookend of achievement. The other is discipline.

Decisions can only help us start. Discipline helps us finish. That’s where character comes in.

Emotion might drive us to make a decision. But character is what keeps us going, even when it gets hard.

Some differences between emotion-driven and character-driven people:

Emotion-driven people…

1 – Feel good, then do right.

2 – Are convenience-driven.

3 – Make popular decisions.

4 – Let attitude control action.

5 – See it, then believe it.

6 – Wait for momentum.

7 – Ask, “What are my rights?”

8 – Quit when problems arise.

9 – Are moody.

10 – Are followers.

Character-driven people…

1 – Do right, then feel good.

2 – Are commitment driven.

3 – Make principle-based decisions.

4 – Let action control attitude.

5 – Believe it, then see it.

6 – Create momentum.

7 – Ask, “What are my responsibilities?

8 – Continue when problems arise.

9 – Are steady.

10 – Are leaders.

It’s your choice. Are you driven by emotion? Or character?

Leader or follower?

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